Meet our Governors

To contact our governors please call our School Office 01754 872429 or email you can also send a letter to the school or bring to the School Office addressed for the attention of Mrs P Powell Chair of Governors. 
Mrs Pam Powell

Chair of Local Governing Body

I am very pleased to be a member of the local governing body for Chapel St Leonards Primary School and to be their Chair of Governors.
I have also been Chair of Governors at Woodlands Academy in Spilsby and Grantham Additional Needs Federation (GANF), Grantham for a number of years.
I retired as a Headteacher in 2009 after working for forty years in a variety of Lincolnshire Primary Schools. I was particularly interested in early years education and special needs education during my teaching career.
Since retirement I am able to spend more time on my hobbies of quilting, reading and gardening and most importantly, spend as much time as possible with my three young grandchildren.
I enjoy supporting the dedicated team of people who are working hard for the benefit of all the young people attending CIT schools. I am impressed by the standards across the Trust and the ethos of care and support displayed. My aim is to ensure that these high standards are also achieved at Chapel St Leonards Primary School.

Mr Graham Almond


I have worked in a variety of primary schools across Lincolnshire for over 10 years. The contexts and sizes of these primary schools has varied greatly. I have worked at Chapel St Leonards since January 2018 and have been Headteacher since March 2018. Having experienced an extremely happy primary school education myself I believe it is the job of all those connected with the school to give the children the very best start. We must provide academic challenge but also educate 'the whole child' socially and emotionally. It is important to equip children with the skills and experiences they need to move confidently on to the next stage of their education.

Mr Paul Hill

Director of Education-Primary

I have been a Headteacher since October 2005 and a teacher since September 2000. I have been the Headteacher of four schools. I love working in schools and have always worked in primary schools which have faced significant challenges. Such challenges have been due either to the needs of the school community or a rating that the school has been given by OfSTED or the Local Authority.

In December 2014 Isaac Newton Primary School joined the Community Inclusive Trust and I have been a member of the Strategic Heads Committee ever since. My role within the committee is to both support and challenge the Trust as decisions are made. I do this particularly in respect of the impact that decisions will have on the main stream primaries within the Trust or those main stream primaries that have signaled their intent to join with us.

The role of the Strategic Headteachers’ Committee is extremely important as it makes recommendations to the Trust Board and uses delegated authorities to ensure that the pupils within the Trust continue to make excellent progress. With a child centred approach the committee is able to ensure that the pupils within the Trust continue to flourish despite the uncertain times faced within so many areas of education.

I am currently the Mainstream Primary Lead for the Community Inclusive Trust. This role ensures that all of the Mainstream Primary Schools within the Trust are both supported and challenged to ensure they achieve the Trust’s Vision and Values.

Mrs Sherilyn Pruhs-Borrell

Governor (Deputy Headteacher)

Professor Andrew Chambers

Vice Chair of Local Governing Body

Mrs Lesley Coulthurst


Mrs Alison Sharpe

Clerk to the Local Governing Body