FSM Provision


20th March 2020

Whilst awaiting guidance from the government for a National Voucher Scheme (Free School Meals), we called on the Lincolnshire Co-op, to see if they could help.

Paula Coggan, Senior Cash Office Clerk, worked with Headteacher, Graham Almond, to bring together a voucher system that would work for the pupils at Chapel and a further school in the trust Woodlands Acacemy in Spilsby.

Graham Almond said, “These are testing times and whilst waiting for more direction from the Government on this subject, Paula has been very helpful. Her response to me was not only swift, but also, very supportive.

We now have vouchers in place for the children entitled to Free School Meals. These are being made available to the parent or the adult with caring responsibility for the child.”

Paula Coggan added, “The Lincolnshire Co-op are currently providing and supporting our local School’s & Communities, providing vouchers to help out families during this challenging & difficult period. By working together, it’s given me great satisfaction to know that the service I’ve been providing has helped others.”