School Hot Meals


13th February 2019

  •  If your child is having a hot meal in school regardless whether it is a Free School Meal or not then a dinner menu must be completed and handed in by Friday with payment if required.
  •   If your child is in Key Stage 1 and no dinner menu is returned Main Option 1 will be ordered for your child (this option is different on each day)
  •  If you child is in Key Stage 2 and is entitled to a Free School Meal they MUST return a dinner menu by Friday. 
  • Please take a photo of the dinner menu on your phone before you hand it in to school then you will know which days your child has a meal booked. Please also remind your child on the days they have a hot meal booked. 
  •  Main Option 1 and Main Option 2 are offered every day and the meals change every day.