Reading at Home KS2


5th November 2019

As children enter Key Stage 2, children have the phonetic skills and knowledge to read fluently.  Targeted support is provided to ensure that children do not fall behind with their reading. We use the Accelerated Reader Program. This is a program based on ‘real’ books. Children are assessed and given a level of ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) within which to choose their books from. Children are able to choose their own book this gives children an intrinsic motivation to read.


Once children have read their book they take a computer based quiz. This low stakes quizzing ensures that the book has been read and understood by the children and provides a valuable insight into children’s reading for their teachers. In order to make accelerated progress in reading children must be engaged in reading for 20 minutes a day and must maintain an average quiz accuracy of 85%. This is very closely monitored by teachers to give children the very best chance of success. Children that fall behind this are assessed for phonetic understanding and fluency. If required, these children use WordBlaze as an intervention (WordBlaze is a fast-paced reading and spelling intervention resource that is proven to raise standards in reading and spelling across Key Stage 2).