New Age Kurling Champions


16th January 2019

On Tuesday Mr Borrell and Mrs Withnall took three New Age Curling teams to our local tournament. We took 3 teams who were placed in different leagues. Our results are below:


Team 1                 P 3          W 1        D 1          L1

Team 2                 P 3          W 1        D 1          L1

Team 3                 P 4          W 3        D 0          L1


All teams came 2nd in their league with Team 3 progressing to the semi-finals as best runner-up.

They beat Woodhall Spa in the semi-final to play Magdalen School, Wainfleet in the final.

Our team now progresses to the County Games in July (date not known yet) to compete against the other Sports Partnership Schools around the county.

Macy-Jai in Year 5 said this about her experience:

“I felt really excited to be part of the team. When it first started is was happy but nervous because the hall was huuuuuuuuugggggge! I can’t believe that we get to go to the County Games. We will practise lots so we are confident when we get there and do our best – I hope we can win.”