School Closure


4th January 2021

You will have just seen the latest news released by the Government about school closures as of this evening. We are now working on the logistics of putting this into operation and know you will have lots of questions.

A list detailing information about critical workers can be found on our school website at:  A child is classed as ‘vulnerable’, if they have an EHCP or involvement with a social worker.

Unfortunately, due to the Government not making their announcement until 8pm tonight this has given schools very little time to make the necessary arrangements. As a result, the school’s Trust (CIT) has made the decision to close all of its mainstream primary schools tomorrow (Tuesday 5th January). We will re-open again on Wednesday 6th January for children of critical workers and those who are classed as vulnerable. Further details will be provided to all Parents/ Carers tomorrow.

Should the school closure tomorrow present a significant difficulty to you as a critical worker then please contact the office from 8.15am and we will do what we can, along with your employer, to support you. Please can we ask that any other questions or queries wait until further information has been sent out by the school tomorrow. We will seek to do this as soon as possible once we have put the necessary arrangements into place.

Your child has received their remote learning pack which you should refer to for all the login information and details and this will take effect from Wednesday 6th January 2021. Details can also be found on the ‘Remote Learning’ page on our school website:  

We would like to thank you again for your patience and understanding during this challenging and unprecedented time.